GAMEDAYJETSI am Chris Lavendier, founder of the Steelheadz of Virginia. I have been a lifelong and diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Where ever i  have lived weather it was as far North as Chicago, as far South as Atlanta or as far West as Arizona, the Steelers have always had a huge fan base as well as fan clubs. Not only in the U.S but Worldwide. In 2002 when i returned back to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia it did not take long to hook up with my old Steeler buddies. In those days there was no Direct Ticket and the Steelers were not televised very often so you had to go to the bar 2008STEELHEADZLOGOto see the games on satellite. In 2003 James Klint, Lisa Balsom and myself noticed more and more Steeler fans coming every week. It was then that the Steelheadz of Virginia were born. Reaching a pinnacle in 2006 for Super Bowl XL drawing a packed house every week. Over the years things have changed for the Sports Fan Club in general. The Steelheadz of Virginia still have their core group that get together to celebrate all things Steelers but we have also branched out to be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan site in general, where all are welcome and encouraged to share their love for the Pittsburgh Steelers.